Focus on Business: L.A. Hair

By David Sinclair

Louisa Anne Meekins has owned and operated L.A. Hair, a hair salon in the Catonsville community of Paradise, for ten years.  The services she offers include: Hair Cuts, Highlights & Color, Waxing, Perms, Shaving, Makeup, Wedding & Prom hair styling, and she also provides Hair Care Products.  A more recent service she provides began with her gastric bypass surgery in 2006.  Following the procedure Meekins would regularly receive clothes from friends, and due to their kindness she accumulated a surplus of clothes, which she now sells as second hand clothing and jewelry.  She also began offering free clothes in exchange for old ones for those who recently had gastric bypass.

Business has been good, and her walk-in traffic is up.  Like many businesses within the inside-the-beltway community, L.A. Hair’s existence depends heavily on a loyal customer base.  Her main goal in business is “to help customers feel and look pretty”.

Meekins has high hopes in some of the Paradise bedrocks such as Lucy’s Cafe, Fergusson’s, the Church – and has confidence the new liquor store will do well.  Over the last ten years she has observed a shift by the Paradise businesses to serve a more urban customer base.  She is satisfied with the presence of BCPD, who are here every morning at Lucy’s.  If there are any issues they are quick to respond.

Meekins would like there to be more regulation on landlords, especially her own, who she feels does the bare minimum to get by without any consideration for efficient energy use, trash pickup in the rear of the shop, and the external appearance of the business within the community.  She would also like the trees & flower boxes within the business district improved and maintained.  “If it’s pretty, people will come down here” she remarks.

Asked “who was her favorite business in the community”, Meekins’s chose another Paradise staple Lucy’s Café.

Said by one of her customers “You can tell she is in her element, and that makes you all the more comfortable in her chair.”  She’s in the right place and you know it when you’re here”.  With high expectations for the future, Meekins looks to expand, remodel, and continue to be a cornerstone in the Paradise Business Community.

L.A. Hair
6431 Frederick Rd
Catonsville, MD  21228
(410) 744-2151

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2 responses to “Focus on Business: L.A. Hair

  1. It is great to read about LA hair, she does so much for the community , and has an incredible following. the question is “Do You HAVE and LA Hair do?
    I DO.

    Support LA Hair, by visiting her at the CCBC Womens Expo. on March 12 and 13.

  2. Louisa saves me everytime! Always a smile and great style, cn’t say enough!

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